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Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis and the Risk Number

Subjective and confusing risk questionnaires nearly always miss the mark. Every investor has their own unique risk tolerance.  That is because the old way of assessing risk, stereotyping investors with subjective semantics, simply doesn't work.  

That is why we use the Risk Number.  The Risk Number is built upon a Nobel Prize-winning framework that uses a modern approach to risk analysis.  Everyone has a Risk Number.  

Finding your Risk Number allows us to build a customized portfolio unique to you and your financial goals. Your Risk Number will match you with our proprietary investment portfolios designed to fit your Risk Number, ultimately helping you achieve your financial planning goals. 

How do we determine your Risk Number?

We start by going through a series of objective exercises (no, we aren't working out!) based on actual dollar amounts.  You can answer these questions through your mobile device or laptop in five minutes.  

Your answers then determine your Risk Number. This allows us to build an optimized portfolio that fits your risk tolerance and goals.

We then stress test your new portfolio, discuss your 95% probability range, and set expectations for the future!

We then chart a path to retirement using a simple, intuitive approach. We can visualize the probability of a successful retirement and adjust in real time.  

Together, we can take the guesswork out of your financial future.


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